This section features translation works done by myself, some on my free time, others for specific non-profit projects. These are all Japanese→English transliterations,  and are all public work based on various themes. As I am always reading new and interesting Japanese documentations (some old, others new), this section will always have potential to grow — at what rate that has yet to be seen. For the time being, updates will be announced here and through the blog.

Please note that the translation works presented here are public-accessible. These are non-profit works, and are not to be reproduced onto another site, nor sold for profit in any form or manner. Watermarks are placed on images, especially those that feature Japanese text, since many hours were spent reproducing them from their original sources. If you wish to share any of the the following works, please link to the corresponding pages and include credit to myself and my blog.

Feel free to contact me at <> if there are any other questions.



– Open to public

-Updated with “Ninjutsu Kishōmon” and “Topics Related to the Lunar Calendar”

– Updated with “Tale of the 12 Zodiac Animals” and “Buki Sode Kagami”

– Updated “Heiho Yukan” and “Topics Related to the Lunar Calendar”
– New topic under “Kai Kokushi” released


AVAILABLE WORKS (Those that are gray font will be made available soon)

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