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5 Methods of Structuring a Castle on the Plains




①Shinmaru Umadashi (真丸馬出)
A barrier or blockade in front of the main gate. This acts as a means to slow down incoming enemy forces as they have to run around it, giving the defenders a chance to retaliate from the main entrance at angles too difficult for the enemies to see. It sits directly in front of the castle.

② #3 (三)
The third compound of the castle. Where troops would be with larger battlefield weapons to fight the enemy troops. Surrounds both the main compound and second compound. This is short for “san no maru” (三の丸).

③ Honmaru (本丸)
The main compound of the castle. The commander of the army, as well high-status individuals would reside here.

④ #2 (二)
The second compound of the castle. These 2 areas act as an added layer to traverse through in order to get to the main compound. This is short for “ni no maru” (二の丸).

⑤ #3 (三)
The third compound of the castle. This is at the back of the castle. Achieves the same purpose as stated in number 2.

*NOTE* The following diagram is a duplicate of the original used for the translation project, reproduced by hand. The design and information are the same, but the numbering order has changed to fit with its current presentation.

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