Many Ways of Utilizing the Zodiac Signs

The incorporation of the Zodiac signs in the Lunar calendar, and the different components that work in conjunction with this, can be a complex topic. Normally one would associate this with divination, reading fortunes, planning one’s intentions based on the factor of lucky days vs. unlucky days, and so forth. However, there were some normal uses for them as well, that allowed the Zodiac signs to fit into a person’s everyday lifestyle.

In this section there will be explanations of the various ways the Zodiac signs have been used over the ages. Some of them will be simple and utilitarian-based, while others will be more towards esoteric in nature. Over time this section will grow, so visit periodically.

Wadokei: Old-fashioned Japanese clock

Hōi: Directions using the Zodiac Signs ☆NEW☆

Months Indicated by the 12 Zodiac Signs ☆NEW☆

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