June Updates

June has been a busy month for me, with new projects that are being put into motion. My articles covering Japanese-related topics are still in the works, but have been placed on the backburner until at least early July. Here’s some projects that have had my full attention throughout June.

  1. Translation Page: On top of the page (or under the Menu tab if viewing on a smartphone) you’ll notice there is a new tab, “Translations”. This has been in the works for some time now. The tricky part was how to implement it on my blog. This section will feature some of my translation works I have done in the past, as well as future works currently being worked on. Some of these have already been posted on my blog as a topic. Translation works will have a wide range of topics, for there may be something that everyone will find interesting.
  2. Facebook: In the “Links and Resources” menu at the right hand side of the screen is a link to the Chikushin Martial & Cultural Training Group Facebook page. It’s been there for several months, and was slowly being developed in terms of direction of contents. Other than posting the monthly training schedule and announcements of new blog posts, it is used as another means to share Japanese culture-related topics, as well as inform of other sites and establishments in NYC of similar interests.
  3. Monthly Events: A few days ago my group hosted a small event in Manhattan. It was our first local event, as I try to bring more attention to my group for those who would be interested in studying Japanese martial arts (and possibly Japanese language). There are more monthly events in the works; with June’s event being on kamae and distancing, July’s event is subject to focus on bōjutsu. These events will be mentioned periodically on the FB page.
  4. Books: Late last year, I was setting aside certain old Japanese documents that I would one day translate into English and have published. Although that has been a slow undertaking, this month I began working nonstop on 2 of them, as I’m hoping to have them done by the ending of the year. These manuscripts are “Kinetsushu” and “Tsuki no Shō”. Both have some connections to a traditional kenjutsu school called Shinkage ryū Hyōhō. So far, progression on these have been positive, and I am greatly looking forward to the end product. More news regarding these 2 works should be on the way, so I will post updates as the time comes.
Guess this post is more of an “update” of what’s on my plate, as well as what to expect. These new projects by no means replace my normal postings, as I enjoy writing on my blog and have plenty of topics lined up. Stay tuned, for regularly scheduled articles should be coming out next week.

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